Have a heart for music but no head for business?

Transform your musical skills into extra income: Talent to Treasure: Building a Profitable Music Teaching Business shows you how! Marcia Washburn, BA, MME, is a seasoned piano teacher, writing with authority about a subject she knows intimately and loves passionately: connecting people with music. Her warm and personable style immediately draws in the reader.

Talent to Treasure targets the woman who wants to share her love of music with others while continuing to serve her family at home. It addresses the whys and hows of building a home business that blesses others without negatively impacting the family. It is proving to be a valuable resource for rookie and veteran teachers alike.

The appendices alone are worth the cost of the book: sample policy letters, analysis of favorite teaching music, and more. The sample letters are available as Word documents at no charge so you can personalize them for your own studio.

In the pages of Talent to Treasure, you will learn:

•  How to prepare your heart and your home for your business
•  How to recruit and retain students
•  How much to charge for lessons (& how to be sure you get paid!)
•  How to select a “balanced diet” of music for your students
•  How and what to teach in the first lesson
•  How to teach using learning styles—how to be a people teacher first!
•  Great practicing tips & strategies for dealing with students who don’t!
•  How to deal with memorization, performance jitters, & more
•  Reaching special needs students, from challenged to gifted
•  And much, much more!

Book Reviews

"One of the best books in this field. The only other I recommend is "The Complete Idiot's Guide to Teaching Music on Your Own" by Karen Berger. Marcia deals with every aspect you could imagine. The book may seem a bit pricey seeing as how you can't find it anywhere but her website, but it's well worth it! Will save you money in the long run on running a business the right way and minimizing hassle while maximizing on the students' progress.

"I read through this in about a week because I didn't want to miss anything, but it's easily read in one sitting if you can spare a couple of hours. It has a comfortable Palatino/Book Antiqua typeface set in around 10-12pt size. Outline- and bullet-oriented for easy organization of thoughts, ideas, tips, and tricks.

"Definitely a must-read for any aspiring music instructor such as myself."

- Eric Beaty

"I'd agree with this book. It's nice to know the author better than just "an author" too. Marcia is, as it were, the musical face of homeschooling in CO. I've read lots of good things by her. Since I've had the same experience as a music teacher, I can recommend this book. It was nice to know that if it comes to paying taxes, I could deduct my piano tuning, book buying, and transportation costs. And to be reminded (it's September) that I'll have to clear my sidewalk when it starts snowing."

- Kari