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A sampling of letters from readers, leaders, and conference attendees . . .

"Marcia, I have not written before but really appreciate your practical tips, and employ many of them myself. . . Thank you for
your practical down home, wifely and womanly and motherly advice, and taking time to be available to those that would
appreciate gleaning from you . . . You are so easy to read, and seem like a comfortable person to be around." ~Nancy

"She writes such practical stuff, like how to do the laundry, but the articles are somehow uplifting as well as informative."

"You are such an inspiration to so many people. I know you have been for me, and I really don’t even know you...but feel like I
do. I pray that God would bring out all that wisdom out of you this weekend at the HS conference. You are so practical and real.
So God bless you in blessing all of us mommies." ~Tobi.   

"The Kingdom of God is advancing and expanding due in part to your work!!" ~Bill

"Marcia, I have wanted to send you a quick note for quite a while to thank you (actually let you know I thank God for you) and
your godly example and encouragement for us wet-behind-the-ears moms. I am a mother of 4 boys (with baby number 5 on the
way...don't know gender yet) and feel like I am walking in the same path you have.  I really appreciate the MANY things you
have said on organization, child training and general "how boys work/living with boys" articles and sessions you have given at
the CHEC conferences.  Thank you for being willing to write and teach every year.  I am always inspired and encouraged, even
if I have heard you speak on the same topic before. It always is fresh to me and reminds me what my real goals and priorities
are. Even though we don't personally know each other I feel you are, for lack of better words, a "kindred spirit."  I am so
thankful for your real example as you have lived out Christ's plan for you as a homeschooler and that you have been willing to
share it all for His glory and others' growth. "Know that you are thought of and prayed for as you continue to love your men
(although they will always be boys) and invest yourself in so many people’s lives!
" ~Lorrie

Marcia, what a blessing it's been getting to know you. It's not everyday that God has you cross paths with someone special.
Your encouragement alone has truly blessed me. No one quite knows what another might be going thru, however God always
knows who will be a blessing. That's what you've been to me! I am so thankful that you were so easy to work with, and right
from the start you were encouraging me and praying for our conference. Honestly I've not worked with anyone like yourself."

~Michele Herrera (Speaker Coordinator for 2008 Central Coast Home Education Conference, Santa Maria, CA)

"Marcia Washburn was the featured speaker at our 2004 annual homeschool convention in Wyoming.  As the state-wide
Christian support group in Wyoming, H.O.W. desires to bring speakers that will inspire, encourage, and inform attendees in their
vision for homeschooling.  Marcia has had many years of practical hands on experience with homeschooling five sons and
serving in leadership for much of that time.  More so, Marcia, with her warm and personable presentations seemed to reach and
touch the hearts of homeschooling moms.  Marcia made herself easily available to answers questions and offer encouragement
to anyone who approached her. We would highly recommend Marcia as a speaker.
"~Ron and Debby Becker

Thank you so much for speaking to our group last Thursday night. We truly appreciate the effort you went to, to bring so much
information, experience and knowledge to our group. We all enjoyed you thoroughly and are looking at scheduling another
workshop in the near future.
" ~Anne

"Thank you so much for sharing with me your articles on disciplining children. . .   I have done a great deal of reading about
how to raise children, but I say this with all honesty, I have read few things as forthright and biblically based (with many years
of practical experience) as what I read in your articles. I have never heard of a Parenting Manual, but it is a wonderful idea, and
I have begun mine this morning. I have often felt I needed to spend more time studying in the Bible about parenting, but have
been unable to get a handle on how to keep track of it in a practical, easily used format.
" ~Deb

I listened to a tape of yours from 2001 or 2002 on setting priorities. This gave me the help I needed to support a friend who is
having troubles in this area, and as soon as I see her I'm loaning her the tape! What a blessing it was to hear your words of
wisdom on this subject.
" ~Paula

" . . . Your talks always had such encouragement and wisdom.  I felt like I had been given gems each time I heard you speak
and have kept the notes.  Some of your information sounded like it was straight from my parents, grandparents and GKGW
because of its biblical foundation.  Your words were affirming and very practical.  As the homeschooling mother of five children
(with one being autistic) I needed all of the encouragement I could get!  At any rate, I wanted to stop and thank you for all of
your efforts to equip this generation of moms.  Your articles in the CHEC newsletter and your past speeches at the CHEC
conference have been a huge blessing to us."  ~Eliza

Thank you for a well-thought-out and presented workshop. God actually whispered some directions to me that I didn’t expect
and I’m working on some new directions thanks to you."   ~Kathy  

My family and I live and work in China, and sometimes feel cut-off from useful resources. So I appreciate learning about your
resources, and receiving your ideas (even though our freezers are a bit small over here).  ~Amy

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